West End Vocal Coach and founder of The Sing Space which offers revolutionary singing training to 1000s of singers every week.

"Rachel is an incredible singing teacher."
 Cassidy Janson (Brit award Nominee, Oliver Award Winner)

 "I wish I'd been able to learn from Rachel years ago."
 Emma Hatton (Elphaba, Eva Peron, West End leading lady)

 "Finding Rachel and The Sing Space has been genuinely life-changing."
Bridgette Amofah,  lead singer, Rudimental.

Fondly named, 'the voice whisperer' by the singers she works with, Rachel's rigorously technical yet accessible approach combines the science with the heart. Rachel works with singers who include recording artists, West End performers and Vocal Coaches. She has been studying the voice for over 20 years.

As a performer, she spent 10 years playing leading roles in the West End and internationally.  

Rachel is director of Sing Space Choirs and the Vocal Gym™, offering Musical Theatre singing to almost a two thousand singers per week.  

She is published in the Journal of Voice, co-authoring an article written by Dr Aldridge-Waddon, Working together to find a voice: Recommendations for voice healthcare based on expert-by-experience and practitioner consensus. She has lectured at The Theatre Royal Haymarket, many of the top training institutions and at the Vocal Health Education BioPsychosocial conference in London, co-authoring a speech with clinician Joanna Cazden.   


Sing Space Musical Theatre Choir welcomes all levels. Love show tunes? Find your local Sing Space Choir and learn singing tips from West End coaches.

The Sing Space Vocal Gym™offers 100s of Easy access on demand classes on desktop or app.

Lessons from two minus to 60 minutes to fit into your schedule. 

 " We are all vocalists. All day long: from your first yawn, to picking up the phone to friends, to performing in the Albert Hall.

Our voice is how we connect with the world, how we connect with ourselves. By understanding our voices, we not only sing better but we live better.  

I feel, hear and see the changes in the singers we work with every day. Whether you join one of our choirs, or access our training online in the on demand Vocal Gym™ is your doorway into limitless possibilities, a treasure chest that you can have at your fingertips."